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DatuKnows is a place where I am able to express my true self. I have this insistent desire to share my personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences with the rest of the world. This blog is meant for those who obtain a complete inclination for knowledge and life. Specifically, this is place where I intend to disclose all that I know, as well as everything else I have yet to learn.

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Datu is a creative individual residing in the Bay Area. She is a wife, a mother, a stepmother, a feminist, a Jane of all trades, and an avid life learner. She has an interest in writing, literature, music, food, travel, and sports. Datu recently graduated college at California State University East Bay, with a BA in Liberal Studies and an emphasis in Social Sciences. She currently works as a page for her local library, and her ultimate career goal is to become a librarian. Datu promotes equality and acceptance. She has a genuine passion to encourage, assist, and provide inspiration to those around her.


n. ruling head of clan, or tribe

DATU is the title for ancient tribal chiefs in the Philippines, and is a name that is still respected and revered in modern day.