Best Job Ever!

First day at my new job!

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime!! I was offered to work with 49ers photographer, Terrell Lloyd. You can find his work on the 49ers website & on their Facebook page.

And while there’s some things in life, where certain factors must be considered in order to make a decision; this job offer was definitely not one of those moments. I had to do it! No questions asked!

I have been struggling, trying to figure out what it is that I wanted to do in life.

I’ve always wanted to pursue sports writing since I first registered in college many moons ago, but I never had the courage to do so. I doubted my skill, feared the job market, & was just scared to take that risk to follow my dreams.

So instead of going with my gut, I pursued Nursing for a few years. And then I changed my mind & switched to Psychology for a couple more years. I graduated from De Anza College last Spring, not knowing what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I was going to transfer to San Jose State University in the Fall.

Long story short…

I chose to attend the Journalism orientation & was quickly impressed with what SJSU had to offer. I felt at home. I knew right then & there that I had to go for it! I finally found my major!!

Fast forward to present day…

Now that the Spring semester is about to begin next week, I am even more motivated! There’s just some things you can’t explain. It’s as if the moment I chose Journalism, great opportunities have come my way in a short amount of time.

I met Terrell’s assistant, Kym a couple of months ago & the rest is history!

Things have been happening so fast! I’m constantly pinching myself, thinking I’m going to wake up from this dream. And then it hits me! I’m making my dreams a reality!

I won’t go into too much detail on what exactly it is that I do. Just know that I work with the amazing photographer Terrell Lloyd, Kym, & the rest of the crew! I basically have the best job ever!

Press box? Field pass? I’m there!!

There’s so much more I can say, but I’d rather share a little photo diary of my whole experience. Enjoy!

Eric Davis

Patrick Willis

Vernon Davis

Frank Gore

Delanie Walker

Michael Crabtree

Terrell Lloyd & Kym Fortino

Kendall Hunter

Alex Smith & Coach Jim Harbaugh

Adam Snyder

Ted Ginn Jr. & Kyle Williams

New Orleans Saints

My view of the game

Drew Brees in action

Don’t mind the blurry picture. But here’s where I sat & witnessed “The Catch III”

The 49ers celebrating Vernon Davis’ touchdown!

On the field, right after the 49ers beat the Saints!

photo by Kym Fortino

I’m still in shock!

While I continue to celebrate this past win, I’m looking forward to the next game against the New York Giants!

Is it Sunday yet?!

all photos by me unless stated otherwise



  1. Gosh! I want to say I am so “J”‘ but I can’t. So proud of you. Soak it up and enjoy the experience.

    1. Thanks Twinks! I remember sitting down & talking with you about this blog. To see it form from an idea to this…it’s pretty amazing! Thanks again for all of the support!!

  2. Congratulations Melissa! Can I say I’m proud of you like a mother would feel for a daughter? Anyway, that’s how I feel just because I know you. Good luck and more power in all your future endeavors.

  3. Melissa! Good for you. Wow, nice first day of work, what do you do for and encore? Oh wait……..NFC Championship game! Looking forward to reading your expanded blog covering the 49ers Super Bowl quest as well as the rest of the Bay Area sports scene.

  4. What an experience. I am glad that you have the chance to work on the field and I can’t wait for the experiences you had on the last game with the GIANTS. The ending was different but I am sure you have something to say about the game itself.

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