Apologize for my Absence

Sorry!! I know it has been ages since I’ve posted anything! Life has been pretty hectic with school, work, and family. I’m trying my best to stay on top of my homework, which prevents me from blogging.

Also, I have been pretty unsatisfied with the lack of performance from the Golden State Warriors and the San Jose Sharks. It’s been difficult to watch some of their recent games. Let’s just say that I put them on just for background noise while I study.


However, I am very excited for baseball season!! I look forward to watching the San Francisco Giants play. I didn’t get the chance to attend many games last season. Only one, to be exact. But I plan on changing that this time around.

I miss taking the train to AT&T Park, drinking beer for breakfast, yelling at the opposing team members from the bleachers, cracking sunflower seeds, getting a nice tan at the ballpark, eating one of those tiny, yet ridiculously delicious Crazy Crab’z sandwiches at the top of the 9th inning, and cheering with the rest of the fans!

While the NFL may have been moving it’s way up, due to popularity; baseball originally was America’s sport. That’s a fact!

I’m sure many of you out there are itching to go to a game (just like myself). I basically organize my schedule around all of my favorite teams’ home games. I’m definitely going to more than one this year! That’s for sure!

I got a lot of stuff planned for this blog. So please be patient!

I may have complained a little bit about the Warriors earlier, but that won’t stop me from visiting the Oracle Arena! I’ll be there next week with my family and friends. We’re rolling deep! My cousin bought 20+ tickets. It doesn’t hurt that I’ll be getting a free shirt that night as well. So look out for a blog post soon!

I promise.

I may have been slacking off a little bit, but things will change. Just because I’m not updating this blog often, doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping up with sports. 

See you all soon!



    1. Too much of a risk. If he was the same Manning, then he wouldn’t be on the market. This makes me question how healthy he is. And I don’t think the 49ers would gamble their money for a contract with him. Well, at least I wouldn’t. But then again, I’m not GM.

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