My Thoughts as a Warriors Fan

I’ve been on a hiatus. I know! And I’m so SORRY!!!

Instead of spitting out a bunch of excuses to you all, I’m going to put in work.

Actually, I’ve just been really stressed out lately and the one thing I decided to do today was blog! And I’m going to start with this rant. I’ve been holding a lot in, but it’s time to vent.

It may be a little random and out-of-date (since the Warriors aren’t even playing right now), but I’m still posting it up anyways.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t into the NBA at all this season. It started off on the wrong foot. It’s bad enough that I had to deal with an NFL lockout as a sports fan, but to go through an NBA lockout right after?! Not feelin’ that at all.

Also, I was not into the fact that the new head coach was lacking experience in the coaching department. I mean, you pay a guy to coach an NBA team, when he hasn’t even coached a day in his life prior to that position?!

I wasn’t going to drink that kool-aid. I already did so with Singletary and the 49ers. Been there. Done that.

Lockout. Check. New “coach.” Check. What else?


I will be the first to admit (like many other Dubs fans out there), that our team hasn’t been performing the way we all would like them to. It’s been like that. Nothing new.

To be a Warriors fan, you got to have thick skin. The kind to take all that trash-talking and stand your ground. Commitment.

It’s kind of like a relationship. You got your ups and downs. There’s going to be some hard times, along with all the good. No relationship is perfect. But when you find “The One,” you stay loyal, regardless of all the trials and tribulations.

You see, The Dubs are “The One” when it comes to me being a basketball fan. I’m from the Bay!

And I still rep my team! Regardless.

Even though we’re always looking for a big man, our front office has plenty of room for improvement, the league hates on them all day with those bad calls, we need to play more D, our players get snubbed on the regular in the All-Stars, we treat this organization as the D-League for NBA players, by taking them in and releasing or trading them to potential playoff teams…

The list goes on.

At the end of the day, I will have to sing that “There’s Always Next Year” song. I’ll still look forward to watching them play.

In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the fact that the Lakers lost against OKC. They didn’t stand a chance! The Spurs are quietly sweeping their opponents and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store. And as for the Eastern Conference, I’m not really watching…



  1. I agree the season started off on the wrong foot… I almost shut out bball this year entirely! But the Warriors won that second game of the season against the Bulls and I started to believe!!! Of course, the rest of the season was a joke… I mean, only winning 12 home games??? Maybe it’s because you and I weren’t in the building… Every time we go to a game together, we get a W! The team averages almost 100 points per game, so our guys can score… Let’s just work on that D next year and I’ll continue to ride or die! I BELIEVE!

    BTW, i love your blog… Stop making me wait so long between posts! You’re amazing!!!

    1. Right?!! I went to the wrong game! I was at the season opener (thanks to your hook up) against the Clippers & they lost! But they beat the Heat & Bulls. They won games we didn’t expect them to win & lost games they should have won. Same old story. But I agree, we NEED to be in the building for the W! They can score, no problem. That’s for sure! But they do need that D. I still don’t like the coach! haha!

      I won’t make you wait so long girl! I promise! Let’s link up soon!

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