C’mon! Are You Kidding Me?!

Dear NFL,
Allow me to contribute to this social media frenzy. Tweets and re-tweets are not enough for this gal.

I truly tried to forget about it. Maybe keeping ESPN on after the MNF game wasn’t the wisest idea. I almost chucked my remote at the television in pure frustration.

I’m taking the smarter route by choosing to blog rather than having to eventually purchase a new flat screen at Best Buy this weekend.

You all should know by now, that I am not a Green Bay Packers fan. With that being said, I believe that they were robbed point-blank, with their eyes open. No blindfold necessary.

I purposely placed the above YouTube video as proof, and not for your viewing “pleasure” (unless you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan who will celebrate a win, whether it’s deserved or not).

Press play. Please.

It was obviously an INT and not a TD. Obviously.

Why should I care? Well, I’ll tell you why. I have been watching football since I was in diapers. Looking at the archives of this blog, you can tell that football is apparently my favorite sport.

I’ve been watching game after game since the beginning of this preseason, and have not seen any improvement with the replacement referees. There isn’t any consistency at all. Myself, along with millions of fans out there, have been scratching our heads every week in bewilderment of these bogus calls.

I’m not upset. I’m disappointed. You know the latter is much worse.

As a fan, I currently find it difficult to watch football. The game is tarnished.

It would be easy to solely blame the replacement refs, but I’m realistic. I wouldn’t want to be in their position at all. However, I will admit that I would trade for Ed Hochuli‘s quick whistle over this chaos any day. It’s getting out of hand.

If Roger Goodell and company truly care about this league, they better find an agreement sooner than later.


Datu (a frustrated fan)


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