Center Court

2017 NBA Finals Game 5. Let’s go!

Just a few more hours to go. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Before the Finals started, I originally said, “Warriors finish it in Game 5.” Then, they began to sweep each playoff series. Once again, talks of reaching a record began to emerge.

But I don’t give a damn about all-time records. Just show me the ring.

I said that last year when they reached 73 wins in the regular season, and lost it all against the Cavaliers in Game 7, with the final score 93-89. And I’m saying it again, this year. Now that the Warriors finally took an ‘L’ during the post season, we can all just keep our heads in the game.

Despite Game 4 being the worst officiating NBA game that I have ever witnessed, I will admit that the Cavs were playing at their best. You can tell they weren’t going to go out without a fight. They were mentally prepared.

Lebron James, played as he normally does; however, the rest of the squad finally woke up. Kyrie Irving scored the highest with 40 points, and Tristan Thompson stepped up and took care of it on defense. Can’t forget starters Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, and the rest of the bench.

Their three’s were raining down, every. single. time. And they capitalized on the multitude of turnovers, scoring almost every. single. time.

The team we witnessed during the regular season, ultimately decided to show up in Game 4. But that’s why I love series. Not a single game determines the outcome. Nope, best out of seven.

So here’s what I expect to happen for tonight’s game: Warriors win. And this is how it will happen:

  1. Home court is an advantage, especially in an intense series. #Roaracle.
  2. Veteran referees will be officiating. Not the clueless rookies that we all saw last Friday. I mean, WTF? Were you scratching your head as much as I was?
  3. Get out of the comfort zone – It’s apparent that the Warriors may have been a bit too comfortable with their sweeping record. Cleveland didn’t really know how to gain momentum during the first two games, but they pulled it together in the third, and came back with full force in the fourth. In the end, the Warriors were caught off guard, and completely lost the game mentally. They took too many desperate shots, the ball was stolen from them way too many times – like stealing candy from a baby, and they simply could not score. I mean, Stephen Curry missed a free throw? Who does that? Not Curry.
  4. Kevin Durant – Just stating the obvious. You’re going to leave OKC, and join Golden State, all because you want to win a championship? Yes, he’s got so much to prove, and even more to lose. He’s been a great asset for the rest of the team, and his contribution is far beyond recognized throughout the entire series. KD on the team? I ain’t mad.
  5. Strength in numbers – Self-explanitory.
  6. It’s not 2016 – Healthy squad + aggressive players all around = recipe for success.

To be honest, I could make a laundry list of all the things that need to be and what should be done. But we all know. The Warriors know. We’ve all been here before.





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