Class of 2017

I’m officially hotter by one degree!

All jokes aside, this has got to be the only time I ever put on makeup during school.

But seriously, my college journey has been one hell of a ride. A lot of ups and downs with many breaks in between. And technically, I’m not quite finished, since I have yet to take two more classes during the summer. Also, I plan to attend grad school next year.

My story is filled with trials and tribulations, but despite that, I still found the motivation to endure it all. I’m a goal-getter, and I am excited to share my experience with you!



  1. AHHH I’m so proud of you Datu!!! Congratulations on achieving this MAJOR milestone – I’m so excited for this upward trajectory and for you to conquer many more milestones, in true Datu spirit :D! Hugsss ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Carmen! I really appreciate it! I’ve been thinking of you lately. I hope all is well. Hopefully we can get together real soon. Miss & love you!!

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