Convenience of Consumerism 

My husband and I are currently having the on-going discussion of finances, and after taking a look at my recent expenses, I realized that I spend way too much money on the simple act of convenience.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we all guilty of this? We live in this consumer society that is perpetuated by the advancement of technology. We are constantly finding ways to minimize the time spent on daily tasks, in order to push through our productive schedules. Or, we’re just lazy…

Either way, since I’ve succumbed to this lifestyle of accessibility, my pockets are beginning to hurt.

How much pain are they in?

Well I did notice that within the last three months, I spent $130 on coffee, and another $353.80 on eating in. Yes, you read that right: eating in.

The above expenses were made through the convenience of modern day phone applications, and I blame it all on Starbucks and DoorDash.

Oh Starbucks, how you entice me with my preferred drug of choice: caffeine. You make it so easy for this busy mom to wake up, open your app, place an order, drop my son off to daycare, arrive at your location, and pick up my order, passing everyone waiting in line.

And what if I do have time to wait in line? There’s no need to pull out any cash or credit card, since I’m already entertaining myself with my phone. Just scan my card through the lovely app and I am good to go.

I cannot forget to mention the little games you make me play, that forces me to reload my card, in order to acquire more stars. And why are these stars so important? Well, because you get rewarded with a free item after spending a certain amount of money, duh.

All of these perks come with a price, which usually comes out to $3.50 and some change for a quad espresso over ice, in a venti cup, extra ice.

I could have saved more money had I just woken up earlier, made it downstairs, turn on the coffee machine, and simply made myself my own damn cup of coffee.

And damn you DoorDash! Your uncomplicated delivery service just gets me. I don’t have to cook or drive, which all are reasons why I fall for your trap every single time.

I can overlook the fees upon fees, upon more fees, because you send me promo codes and keep me posted with updates via text message. And your customer service is top notch. If your driver is running late, or if my order is incomplete, I can complain, and you send me more credits toward my next delivery. How sweet of you.

As I mentioned earlier: those fees. Just take my money why don’t you!

Had I just got my lazy butt off the couch and drove over to Halal Guys, or Wingstop, or Jazen Tea, I would have saved myself the delivery charge and tip. I should note that all of these locations are less than five miles away from my home, further emphasizing my evident laziness.

So what’s the point of this blog, besides the fact that I’m broke and lazy?

Well, I’m challenging myself to stray away from the convenience of consumerism. I’ve deleted these apps a little over a week ago, and I’m noticing how much it has already changed my life and my wallet.

I’m rediscovering my passion for cooking. I enjoy preparing meals for my family, and I’m learning to organize a weekly schedule. There’s something about cooking and planning that I find to be very therapeutic.

Also, I look forward to making my own cup of coffee. Before I had my son, I used to experiment with my French press, Chemex, or my Bialetti Espresso maker.  I would even create my own drip coffee and turn it into some good old cafe sua da. That stuff never disappoints.

Although I don’t have any time for all of the things I just mentioned, my trusty Mr. Coffee machine is just as reliable, and does its job. I may come off as a coffee snob connoisseur, and I take pride in that. I know good coffee, and I’m beginning to wonder why I let myself drink all of that overrated Starbucks stuff in the first place. Oh yeah, that’s right…


As consumers, what are your vices? What apps do you utilize to make your life easier? And would you be able to let these little conveniences go? I truly would love to know!


The pictures in this post obviously don’t belong to me. So, don’t sue me. Thanks in advance.



  1. I’m guilty of that DoorDash it is. I haven’t calculated how much money I spend on food. It’s Probably same Amount you spend or more 😩.

  2. This is such a great blog cuz. For us it’s pizza!! Lol We have the app for Dominos and they have rewards as well. I haven’t deleted the app yet but I will! We also have made a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. We renewed our Costco card and shop to last us 2 weeks of groceries. Cooking is therapeutic for me as well and it definitely made a change financially.

    1. Thanks cuz!! I never tried the Dominos app! Let me know how it goes once you do delete it. I’m excited to hear about it. I’ve seen nothing but great things happen to us since removing those apps. We also do a lot of grocery shopping. It’s amazing how much money we saved. All of those little purchases add up!

  3. So true! You are absolutely right!

    But I’m happy to say that, I don’t Door dash because I enjoy going to farmers market buying local grown veggies and cooking.

    I have Starbucks app that I only use in desperation. When I travel, I bring my own coffee ground and tea strainer to brew my own coffee.

    I witness how my children get suckered into these. As I mom, I practice what I preach. I tell them to save money and make their own coffee and cook healthy meals. But, I can only say so much.

    Great blog, Datu!

    1. It’s definitely easy to get suckered in. For me, I first downloaded the apps because I was so busy with work, school, and family that I simply didn’t have the time to make dinner or make coffee on a regular basis. However, after awhile, I realized that I was spending way more even during the days that I didn’t need to. At first it started out as a convenience, but then spiraled into a complete trap of consumerism.

      Although I am still very busy, I’ve learned to thoroughly plan out my days to avoid falling into the trap. So far I have yet to download the apps, and I’ve saved a lot of money in the process.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Tita! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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