Dear Datu // September 6, 2017

Wednesday – September 6, 2017 (4:28 PM)

The tri-tip is in the oven, and dinner is almost ready. I have an hour until it’s time to pick up my little one. Today is just a normal day.

But that’s it. This normal day has become one of the worst days of my life, and I’m trying my best to maintain my composure.

Even with that simple task, I’m not successful. Not today

Today I received the worst news, and I’m not taking it well. All my hard work, my blood, sweat, and tears…

Application denied.

My past academic mistakes caught up with me, and it doesn’t matter how successful I was this year, because in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Right now, as dinner is being made, and I have this hour to myself before I have to pick up my son, I will allow myself a moment to cry.

Currently I’m battling this overwhelming stress. I’m telling myself not to let it take over.

“Don’t let it take over. Don’t let it take over. Don’t let it take over…”




    1. Thanks cuz! I plan to raise my gpa by taking another class & then reapply. It really was my gpa. Doesn’t matter if I graduated with a 4.0, my cumulative was 2.89. I needed a 3.0 to get in. I’m going to see first if I can write a statement letter so they can reconsider. It’s a setback, but I’ve worked so hard & it’s going to take me that much longer. I really appreciate your comment.

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