2012 // Giants vs Rockies 

Giants vs Rockies – May 14, 2012

Our view from the bleachers

This game was on a Monday and it was the only day that me and the rest of my co-workers could get together. I got the whole crew to join me at the ball park!

For those of you who don’t know me personally; besides being a full-time sports fan, I am also a part-time waitress at Hukilau. It’s located in San Jose‘s Japantown and it’s the only Hawaiian restaurant in the area, so you can’t miss it!

As I was saying earlier, I planned a day where I could take all of my co-workers with me to this Giants game. You can call it “bonding.” Believe it or not, we actually do hang out together, outside of work, whenever our schedules permit us to do so.

Also, attending a Giants game was on my friend’s bucket list.

Tabitha (an awesome waitress at Hukilau and an avid San Jose Sharks fan), wanted to go to her first professional baseball game before she goes back home to Hawaii. I still can’t believe she’s leaving us. I get really sad just thinking about it…

Upon her request, I gathered everyone and we hopped on the Caltrain & made our way to AT&T Park.


An hour and a half to drink this much alcohol!! 

This picture does not give any justice to the actual amount of alcohol we brought on the train! Word to the wise: use caution when mentioning “B.Y.O.B.”

We definitely had more to drink than expected. In fact, we had to GIVE AWAY  beer to strangers on the train, just so we wouldn’t waste the precious alcohol.

I think we all had a good buzz once we arrived in the city. Well, at least I know that I did!

(L to R) Cori, Carmen, and Victoria

Angela brought the munchies!

 Me and the Hukilau gals! We missed you, Steph!

I always have to take a picture of the entrance. I’m such a tourist…

The crazy crew!

Bleachers seats are my favorite! 

I was extremely happy to get all of us together. My boyfriend (not pictured) also joined us.

I felt like I was at home, giving all my friends a tour of the ball park. This actually was a first-time experience for most of the group. Many of them have never been to a Giants game before, so that was pretty exciting.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the Giants won that night!

Gregor Blanco scored the last run for San Francisco in the bottom of the 8th inning. They lead the Colorado Rockies 3-1. But the Rockies proposed a threat when they scored in the 9th; however, the Giants were able to obtain the W. Torture at it’s finest! The final score was 3-2. What an entertaining way to close out a 100th consecutive regular season game sell-out!

It was a great night and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend it with.

All photos by Melissa Datu



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