2012 // Tailgate : 49ers vs Bills


October 6, 2012

Celebrating Justin’s 28th “Gold-Blooded” Birthday at Candlestick Park!

With back-to-back San Francisco 49ers home games this entire month, expect tons of pictures coming your way on my blog!

My long-time friend, Justin, only wanted three things for his birthday: family, friends, and 49ers football. Everyone came together to give him exactly what he wanted. We had a big group with us, celebrating at the birthday boy’s tailgate. Good food and great company. Fun, fun, fun!

So prepare to keep scrolling down the page, because I got a lot of pictures up on this one. A LOT! Enjoy!

Justin, the birthday boy.

Okay, I believe that’s the most pictures I’ve put up in one post (and that isn’t even close to the amount I actually took that day).

P.S. Today is actually Justin’s real birthday! Cheers!

All photos taken and edited by Melissa Datu



  1. Yeah, it’s tailgating alright, lots of food and drinks. It looks like you brought breakfast, lunch and munch after the game. Happy Birthday to Justin.

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